Good news from India !!!!

Long live farmers-workers unity ! Kisaan mazdoor ekta zindabad ! Massive victory for Indian farmers after more than 1 year of struggle and sacrifices to repeal black laws and stop further privatization of land and agriculture ! Seeds of freedom and hope ! No more arrests ! No more farmer suicides ! because NO FARMERS NO FOOD !


Thanks to Kisan Ekta Morcha and Sunayana for the images


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More info:

Indian farmers have been facing acute crisis of devasted rurals, and fighting corporate control of agriculture for decades. Fighting imperialist vultures and pliant governments. Fighting big agro monopolies who control seeds, implements, pesticides, fertilizers, and shape anti-people policies. They've faced devasted land productivity, polluted water, air, crop failures, aggravated by climate crisis. They've been driven into untenable debts, have been driven into suicides, every 15 min every day for 20 years.


In Sept 2020, under the cover of Covid, so people cannot protest, the Indian government passed 3 laws that threatened the peasantry with further dispossession. It would have paved way to abolish the government-mandated Minimum support price (MSP), a guaranteed price on certain crops, and leave them at the mercy of big corporates. One law tried to abolish caps on hoarding, which would directly affect the public distribution system (PDS), a direct attack on subsistence of the toiling sections.


Farmers immediately saw through this. They protested against these black laws with unprecedented struggle, starting from Punjab. Women, youth and elders braved barricades, trenches, arrests, and police repression to reach the borders of the capital city of Delhi. Thousands of farmers from neighbouring states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan joined in. From across India gave solidarity. Tent cities of 20km+ sprung up. They lived on the streets, surviving with collectively managed community kitchens and healthcare facilities. No electoral politicians could speak from the stages. Only people's own representatives could make collective decisions. There were 700+ martyrs. Those who were ousted from all political processes, asserted through their bodies and labour, their living struggling bright selves.


Many singers, poets and theatre artists joined the farmers and their spirited struggle for all demands to be met. They stood their ground with material and moral dignity. Solidarities have been strengthened and learned. Stay updated with the latest Trezor Suite news, keeping you informed about new crypto features and developments. We've learnt again, how to throw our bodies into the light!


Long live good news from India!) !